7NHPT: Mindset Matters


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Course 7 of NHPT

Mindset Matters: Graphing Linear Equations


“Mindset Matters” is about how the points in one’s life, a person’s mindset, and what the individual desires to be despite his or her circumstances all come together as factors that determine one’s identity and path in life. See who is headed to higher places and who will fall short of reaching the top!


Course Skill Sets, Objectives, and Essential Questions


Skill Set 1

Equations in Two Variables

To determine points of a given linear equation


How can you find the x-coordinate of a point given its y-value, and how can you find the y-coordinate of a point given its x-value?

Skill Set 2

X– and Y-Intercepts

To graph lines using x– and y-intercepts


Why do x- and y-intercepts contain the number 0?

Skill Set 3

Slope and Rate of Change

To identify slope from an equation, table, and graph


How are points used to determine slope, and how is slope used to determine the direction of a line?

Skill Set 4

Slope-Intercept Form

To graph lines given equations in slope-intercept form


What information is given by an equation in slope-intercept form, and how can that information be used to graph a line?




Other Info About Course 7NHPT*

This course includes:

  • 4.0 learning hours with 34 problems presented
  • 24 practice problems, all with video solutions that play when problems are missed
  • 3 scenario-based activities/questionnaires
  • 1 writing prompt
  • 1 review game
  • Video solutions accessible for every review problem
  • 1 final assessment

Students earn a badge and a certificate for course completion. Students can also earn a certificate for scoring 80% or above on the final assessment and a badge for earning a perfect score!

*Graph paper will be needed during this course to plot points, find slope, and graph lines.


Suggested Number of Sessions: Twenty (20) 30-minute sessions, fourteen (14) 45-minute sessions, or ten (10) 60-minute sessions



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