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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the NHPT online program, but you may also use the contact form to submit an inquiry. Don’t let unanswered questions stop you from allowing your students to gain what NHPT has to offer. The Adolescent Advocate is here to provide you with any additional information!


Can I buy courses today for an upcoming group of users who will not start the curriculum immediately after purchase? 

Yes, you may purchase courses that will not be started right away. In fact, you are encouraged to purchase/reserve seats for users, as only a certain numbers of users will be allowed to log in to each course per month. Each course has a “purchase today and start at any time” policy, meaning users can enroll upon purchase, or there can be a wait time between course purchase and student enrollment to start the curriculum.


Can I purchase a single course for sampling purposes before buying courses in bulk for my class?

Yes, you may buy and complete as many individual courses as you like.


What happens after I purchase NHPT courses?

After your purchase is completed through PayPal, you will be redirected back to the NHPT site, where you will see a “View My Courses” link. Click this link to see your available courses. If you are a group leader who chose group registration at purchase, use the drop-down menu next to “My Courses” to navigate to GROUP MANAGEMENT and enroll students.

  • For multiple users, it would be easiest to create a CSV file in Excel with the columns First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. Then, you can use the file to upload those users into multiple courses.
  • Each user you enroll in a course will receive an email with his or her login credentials, which can be changed upon logging in.
  • Group leaders can view student progress and see submitted essays by going to “Group Management.” A group leader may also post a comment on a student’s essay.


Are there any suggestions on how courses should be bundled?

The entire NHPT curriculum can take around 109 hours to complete, including viewing lessons, taking notes, and completing all course assignments. If the Pre-Algebra track is desired, then Courses 1NHPT to 10NHPT should be purchased, and this bundle of courses should be expected to take about 90 hours to complete. If the Algebra track is desired, then Courses 4NHPT to 12NHPT should be purchased, and this bundle of courses should take about 87 total hours to complete.

Choosing the number of courses to purchase for students depends on the students’ performance level and if the students will be allowed to work on assignments at any time from home or will complete the work during specific class sessions.


Is it possible for me to replace users who do not complete courses, such as in the event students change schools, transfer in, or get expelled?

Based on the way the program is set up, once a student is enrolled, the course or courses become available to him or her. With the program being online, the work can be completed from various locations on various devices. Therefore, students who leave your school could still complete the courses and gain the remediation or enrichment they need. If there is a potential issue of students leaving before courses are completed or entering later in the school year, it may be a good idea to discuss a plan at the school level, such as charging a fee for incomplete courses.


How do you suggest I keep students from sharing answers while completing the online courses?

Careful monitoring of students is suggested when courses are being completed by groups of students at once. This is the case with any classroom setting where assessments are being given. With courses being online and assessments being taken by different students at different times, it would be best to take proper precaution. This could involve collecting and reviewing any scratch work completed by students for the final assessments, and you could also offer incentives for students who become really engaged by displaying hard work and asking questions about the material. Since NHPT is based on character education, a discussion with students about honesty at the beginning of the program would be appropriate.


Are there any suggestions on how to motivate students and encourage genuine participation in an online program?

I definitely suggest that you plan to implement incentives. NHPT is a math program plus character education, leaving you with an abundance of opportunities to reward students beyond the badges and certificates that they will receive online. Students can receive tangible incentives for high test courses or thoughtful feedback on the writing prompts. You can even reward students for maintaining an organized binder with NHPT notes and other work. There are so many possibilities here!


Can the NHPT courses be used in place of pre-algebra or algebra courses offered by schools or districts?

The purpose of the NHPT course series is to expose students to pre-algebra and algebra skills as a way to provide either remediation or enrichment, depending on the level of the learner. The goal is to help users master the foundational algebra skills so that they perform better as students in the traditional courses. NHPT courses are not intended to take the place of pre-algebra or algebra courses offered at the school level.


What materials are needed as students complete the NHPT courses?

Students will need an email address and a computer, laptop, tablet, or other device with Internet access to log in to the courses online. Lessons may be accessed via mobile device, though all features of the activities will not be accessible. Headphones or earbuds will be needed for students to listen to instruction individually. They will be asked to take notes so that they can reference the presented problems as they complete practice problems and review for the final assessment. A notebook or binder is recommended to encourage organization of this course material.

The first three courses of the series (1NHPT, 2NHPT, and 3NHPT) recommend that students refrain from calculator use so that they can build computational skills and fluency. Students could actually complete all courses without the use of a calculator. Courses 7NHPT, 8NHPT, and 12NHPT involve graphing lines or parabolas; therefore, it is suggested that students have graph paper available during these courses.

Access to a printer may be necessary, as students receive a printable certificate at the end of each course. They may print their quiz results upon completion of every skill set. NHPT transcripts can be printed at any time.

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